Peasweep Public House, Blantyre

At a time even before the Auchentibber Inn, existed an earlier pub nearby to that location, at Auchentibber.

The Peasweep Public House was located on Parkneuk Road, just beyond the turn off for Auchentibber Road. On the same side as the later War memorial, it was the first building beyond that location, to the south. The date the Public House was constructed is unknown, but it is marked on 1859 maps.

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1859 Peasweep Public House at Auchentibber.

The whole are at Auchentibber Road junction was then known as “Muirfoot”, to signify the bottom of the expansive moor fields on the higher elevation. The name Muirfoot is largely forgotten now. Peasweep is auld scots for lapwing or greenfinch but can also mean a coming storm and should not be confused with the Peasweep Inn of the time in Renfrew.

The 1859 shows a magnitude of quarry activity going on around this location and the customers were most likely thirsty local miners. The pub was also located directly across the road from a right of way leading down to Earnock. As the population grew in Auchentibber, the Public house was demolished and the land used to form Peasweep Row, a stone row of miners single storey cottages. This must have happened sometime between 1860 and 1898 as the rows are shown on maps of 1898. It would also suggest the Peasweep Inn may have by that time been very old, if it had to be demolished. If so, most likely the building would have been thatched, even in 1859, and there is good evidence for other buildings nearby of the time to have been thatched too, e.g Broomhouse.

The Peasweep Public House is a forgotten pub in Blantyre and is not commonly remembered. My opinion about its demise has to coincide with the creation of Flora McIntyre’s Auchentibber Inn around 1870 or so, for I cannot imagine a businesswoman creating a new inn, right beside another.

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