Peasweep Row, Auchentibber

Over the last few years, I’ve heard various people say they had relatives that lived at Peasweep Row, Auchentibber. I’ve decided to look at that location, to see if I could add some details to this. In an offline book by others, I have read that Peasweep Row was a tenement in Auchentibber, but actually I think that is wrong.

Peasweep Row was a single storey row of miner’s homes at Auchentibber, that opened out on to Parkneuk Road. They were located on the same side of the road as the Auchentibber War memorial, almost right beside its location, but further up the hill. Peasweep is a Scots term for Lapwing, or Greenfinch, but the row most probably took its name from a former Public House called the Peasweep Inn, which in the mid 1800’s stood on the same ground. The correct spelling on census is Peasweep and not Peesweep.

On the 1871 Census, there are only 2 families living there, but it is this I think refers to the former Public House, now being used as two homes. James Paterson, his wife and son and another family whose name on the census is difficult to read and looks like “Hibo” Importantly, this census doesn’t mention Peasweep Row, only “Peasweep” but later census comment on Peasweep Row.

Also, there is no mention whatsoever on the 1881 census for Peasweep. I think by then the former pub building/home had been knocked down and it is due to this fact, that i think the building to be called Peasweep Row, wasn’t built until later this decade or possibly into the 1890’s. It is shown on the 1898 map as 7 homes, single storey, with stepped design, due to the steepness of the land they sat on. They appear to be stone built with slated roofs with a large communal yard area at the back, served by a small outside building, likely the washhouse and toilet. On the 1901 Census the families living there were John Cunningham (a slater), his wife and 4 daughters. Also William Graham (a Irish labourer), his wife, daughter and 2 sons. Also Alexander Marshall (a coal miner) and his family, Johnstone Main (a coal miner), his wife and 4 sons. William Richmond and his family also lived there.

On the 1910 map, a water tap serves the row and they are directly across the road from Brown’s Land tenement. (now just a single storey ruin). Around this time, there were two adjacent quarries and this may have been a source of employment for some of the residents. The Peasweep Row could be seen from the nearby Quoiting Green and from the Terrace of the adjacent Italian Gardens. The whole scene was probably very idyllic to visitors.

By the 1939 map, there is no sign of Peasweep Row and this ties in well with accounts from former Auchentibber elderly residents who don’t remember the building, other than just hearing of the name. The row may have been demolished around the time of the death of nearby landowner JBH Struthers in 1937. Indeed, I wondered if Struthers had actually owned the row, but see no evidence of this. I would like to keep this open as possibility though. These homes were short lived in terms of their life, and they tie in almost exactly with JBH Strutters time of ownership of the nearby Auchentibber Inn, both in when they first appeared and when they were gone.

Today, there is nothing much to see relating to Peasweep Row. A flatter area amongst the woodland that has since sprung up on the roadside site. Some small stone ruins, only about 2 foot high exist, but are difficult to find. In August, i took a couple of modern photos as attached. So there we have it. Peasweep Row. Gone , but not forgotten.

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James Stirling i can remember a little house just by the monument on the same side it was still occupied in the sixties trustler owned it, and there are still relatives who stay in blantyre


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  1. As a direct descendant of William Richmond, I truly appreciate this post!! Allison Sullivan, USA

  2. Ross William Hart

    In the 1891 Census my Greatgrandparents Thomas and Margaret Locke Lived in Peasweep Row with their Daughter Lucinda. They were both from Armagh,Ulster in Ireland. In the 1901 Census family had grown by two Daughters Jane my Grandmother born 1898 and Mary. My Grandmother Jane now Hart had her Son Thomas in 1918 and Daughter Margarert Locke in 1920 at 7 Parkneuk Road Auchintibber. Emigrating to New Zealand with my Grandfather Thomas Hart in 1922.

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