Tribe buys exhibit for the Memorial Centre – 1933

Tshekdi Khama

Tshekdi Khama

In September 1933 it was learned that Tshekedi, the suspended chief of the Batmangwato tribe, was not a stranger to Scotland. He visited this country in 1930, and paid a special trip to Blantyre to see the David Livingstone Memorial, with which his tribe has a special connection. An ancestor of Tshekedi, Shehele – was one of Livingstone’s best friends, and Khama, Tshekedi’s father, when quite young, met the missionary.

A request was made in 1930 that the tribe be responsible for the cost of one of the illuminated tableaux in the museum. Accompanying the gift was a letter suggesting that the money might be used some way that would show the African part of the Livingstone journey. The money was used to meet the expense of a group of statuary known as “The Last Journey.” The statuary, which was exhibited in the Royal Academy, depicts the carrying of Livingstone’s body by the faithful African followers to the coast over 1500 miles of dangerous country. It was principally to see this fulfilled that Tshekedi, accompanied by several of his headmen, visited Blantyre again.

Tshekedi born on 17th September 1905, died on 10th June 1959.

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Jane Johnstone Fantastic and they didn’t seem to think the memorial should receive criticism as it has sometimes in recent history!

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