Lodge Livingstone Stonefield 599

1930 John Duncan lifelong membership Lodge Livingstone

1930 John Duncan lifelong membership Lodge Livingstone

This document from 1930 is my grandfathers life membership to Lodge Livingstone Stonefield No. 599.  The Lodge was Chartered on  5 February 1877 and named after Blantyres’ most famous son, David Livingstone. The lodge’s original temple was on Glasgow Rd above the Co op (central) then moved to a new temple in the upstairs of the building at the corner of Elm St and Glasgow Rd in 1981. That building is now a block of flats and the meeting place is now 357 Main St. High Blantyre.

The Lodge takes its name from David Livingstone the missionary explorer who was born here in Blantyre in central Scotland and the number 599 represents its chronological position on the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, the governing body of Freemasonry in Scotland.

I wish to make it clear I am not a member of the freemasons, nor have any association with the organisation, and post here on Blantyre Project only to record the history of the organisation and for anybody that is interested in such matters.

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  • Bill Graham I know there was a lodge at that address in High Blantyre before do the 2 lodges now share the building? My father has a photo taken there on the stairway at some function with my grand mother and Grand father.
  • Robert McLeod-Wolohan My mother lodge
  • Archie Peat I have my Grandfathers certificate plus his Mark Masons certificate and a gold watch fob given to him by the Lodge on his winning the Military Medal ” For Bravery in the Field ” at the Battle of Festubert serving with the 5/6 Cameronians ( Sco. Rif. ) I also wish to make it clear , in response to your contributer ,that I am a Freemason and proud to be so.
    Walter Fleming Looks a wonderful piece of nostalgia which should be preserved for history
    Dougie Walls Very special
    John Mcgill David Livingstone to me the greatest scot
    Robert McLeod-Wolohan That is my mother lodge, and its a great 1 as well.
    Nathaniel Mains Brilliant
    Heather Mcwilliam Both my grandparents, Elizabeth and Archibald McWilliam, were Masons. They probably belonged to the same lodge.
    Duncan Sim Nice piece of history

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  1. Lodge Livingstone Stonefield No.599 now meet in the masonic halls, High Blantyre, which are the lodge rooms of Lodge Blantyre Kilwinning No.557.

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