My School Jotter 1977

1977 School Jotter, High Blantyre Primary (PV)

1977 School Jotter, High Blantyre Primary (PV)

When moving home in 2012, I found my old school jotters, (which are no good to anybody). Being somewhat nostalgic for all things Blantyre, I kept one from each year and threw the rest out. I forgot that school jotters used to be wrapped in brown paper, which depending on what teacher you had, was great for putting graffiti on! This one is particularly interesting from 1977 High Blantyre Primary. I was only 6 and my teacher was Mrs Brown. A love heart on the front, with the initials deleted to save my embarrassment and anothers! Bizarrely, even although not my team now, I had scribbled “Celtic forever” on the front. My handwriting.

Things still fall out my cupboards. I “hoard” many memories and probably too nostalgic for my own good. Did anybody else keep their childhood memories, schoolwork or writings? Who can remember brown paper on jotters?!

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  • Stephen Kelly I can’t remember it being brown paper exactly but we did have to cover them

  • Frances McDonald Old rolls of wallpaper turned inside out if there was no brown paper
  • Bill Graham We were lucky my parents could afford brown paper, some kids used wallpaper others used news paper which did not last long.
  • Neil Mcgill Mrs Brown a blast from the past, I had to suffer banks primary 1 and 7 she would make you redo the covering if it was written on or had football colours.
  • Davie Robson Old wallpaper for me !
  • Sandy Hazeltine I’m surprised Peter hadn’t drawn a phallus on it!
  • Margaret Lindner Wall paper did it for me .
  • Rab Watson Aye woodchip on yours Davie mines were artexed lol 
  • Builders Landscapers brown paper cus more like wall paper us fae hamilton had class lol
  • Ann Crossar Love it Paul – and your 6 year old self was a good judge!  at primary our jotters were covered in wallpaper but at high school we covered our jotters in smash hits posters – John Taylor was on many of mine! 
  • Stephen Speirs yea, wall paper was more common in our house but yes remember them well!
  • Carol Crombie I keep things and still do, sadly my dad threw most of it away
  • William Mohan Whits a jotter

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  1. Aw, I wish I had kept my old school jotters, yeah I had some brown paper ones , some pink flowery wallpaper and in high school I remember I had a poster cover of The Mission and The Cult 🙂

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