Jerusalem Houses, Blantyre in 1993

1993 Jerusalem houses, high blantyre

1993 Jerusalem houses, high blantyre

Pictured here are the flat roofed homes in High Blantyre at Priestfield. Affectionately nicknamed, the Jerusalem homes, they were built in 1969 and 1970 although this particular photo was taken in 1993, before the installation of pitched roofs.

It only took a couple of decades to realise this type of roof wasn’t particularly suited to a wet , Scottish climate. The pitched roofs added better protection against the elements and allowed the properties to be further insulated.

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Emma Trevethan i lived at no 9 moray place in 1971 .. Sadly was only there for a few years and my cousin stayed a few doors away at Milheugh Place .. We both loved staying there and have good memories of that time .. Also our daughters who were the same age went to a wee nursery at the church hall across the road. . Happy days. X
Bill Graham We lived in the Flats in Kirkton Ave, for a few years till my parents moved to Motherwell. Hated it.

Ina Sanders istayed in caithess street

Helen Williams Number 1, Caithness Street 1972
Geordie McClenaghan I lived at No7 Caithness st Helen, dad still lives there, high Blantyre was a great scheam to grow up in, so much todo as kids

Ailsa Gormley I moved there just as they were adding roofs smile emoticon

Angela Bell Stayed in Forres street my mum and brother are still there was a great place to be brought up

Orlando Ancilotti I always knew it as New Jerusalem.
Catherine McLachlan Anne ODonnell Vanstone remember these

Sarah Cargill I stayed at 150 Kirkton weird seeing the houses like that again!

Drew Anderson Caithness street

Davie Callaghan Kris Boyd that no your granny’s house ?

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