Janet Hamilton Leggat of Auchentibber

1918 Janet Hamilton Leggat

c1918 Janet Hamilton Leggat

Janet Hamilton Leggat was born on 20 June 1898 at Auchintibber. Here she is pictured around the time of WW1. She lived a short life and died aged 24 at Auchentibber, the cause thought to be diabetes.

The photo is full of character and charm. Janet poses by a chair in a studio picture, her slight hint of a smile defiantly suggesting some happiness, despite what life had in store for her. Thank you to Isabel Fleming for her kind permission to share this lovely photo. It has clearly been well looked after.

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Craig Gordon Reid Julie Leggat

Julie Leggat Coooool x

Lillias Addison I wonder if this was any relation of my Uncle Arthur Leggat from Auchentibber

The Blantyre Project Lillias – Janet Hamilton Leggat was the sister of Arthur Leggat. I recently told the story of the Leggat family

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