Woman falls from Livingstone Centre swings

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 18.05.42I’ve always thought there “frying pan / witches hat” was a dangerous playpark piece of equipment, but recently found out that Blantyre swings can be dangerous too. An unfortunate accident tainted a family trip to Blantyre on Wednesday 9th August 1933 when a Motherwell woman received severe injuries. During a family visit to David Livingstone Centre, when the fun was its height Mrs Lily M’Pherson (38), wife of Peter M’Pherson miner, 86 Watsonville, Motherwell was enjoying a few minutes to herself on the swings. She fell to the back, from the swings at height and was obviously badly hurt.

The doctor who was summoned found Lily McPherson to be suffering from leg wounds and injuries to the back. She was detained in hospital for treatment. The accident occurred a short time before the family was due to leave the Livingstone Memorial Grounds, where a happy afternoon had been spent. It was “one last go on the wings before we leave”. The injured woman’s four children were also present during the excursion, witnessing her accident. Mrs McPherson was released from hospital the next day. Pictured is the David Livingstone playpark in the same year of Lily’s accident.

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