Crossbasket Monkey Puzzle

2014 Crossbasket Puzzle Tree, Photo by RDS in March.

2014 Crossbasket Puzzle Tree, Photo by RDS in March.

Thank you to Robert Stewart for sending in this photo he took at Crossbasket Estate of another Monkey Puzzle Tree! Now thought to be around a dozen in Blantyre.

Robert noted there were several younger trees nearby and added, “do you know that the semi-precious stone ‘Jet’ is fossilised monkey puzzle!”
I cant help but think this will be a particularly impressive tree in future generations, a distinctive look already marking it out from others. Thanks as always to Robert for sharing his excellent “Blantyre moments”.
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  • Elizabeth Weaver The one in Victoria St/Small Cres may be smaller but it stands out for me because it always looked so exotic among the other gardens. In the 50s, most of us only had privet hedges and traditional shrubs – the monkey puzzle was a thing of wonder! (Sorry to start on about it again, Paul! ;-))
  • Jean Gibson There used to be one in a garden in Victoria Street when I was a wee girl 60 years ago.
  • Gord Fotheringham Think I knew that wee girl sixty years ago……still lovely
  • John Mcnulty Biggest monkey puzzle tree i ever saw was just outside the poor Clair convent down the dandy and that was 60yrs ago
  • Ann Sutherland I remember the one on Victoria St. 70 years ago.
    It is wonderful when these memories are brought back Jean Gibson
  • Ashleigh Fyfe The tree in the graveyard cemetery road blantyre is aboot 20 times the size of this lol at the monument never been a tree lover tbh but this is cool haha
  • Jane Johnstone I planted 3 in my present garden in memory of the one I remembered in Glasgow….it made an impression on me as a young kid.

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