Craighead Teenage Tragedy 1934

riverNan Lyndon, aged fifteen, who lived with her father, a widower, at St. James’ Place, Auchenraith Road, Blantyre, was drowned in the River Clyde at Blantyre on the afternoon of Monday 22nd January 1934. The newspaper reports of the time told “The body of the girl lay wedged in between boulders in the centre of the river for two hours. Police assisted by volunteer helpers tried to reach the body only to swept back by the current.”

John Cross, a fisherman, finally succeeded in bringing it to the bank. John Lydon, the girl’s father, to his horror and shock, identified the body. There was one eye-witness to the tragedy, Mr. J. Cowler, Uddingston. He had been crossing the River Clyde by the walkway at Craighead when he noticed the girl walking at the edge of the water. Her actions seemed to him ralher peculiar. A few minutes later he saw her in the water. He ran down the river bank in the hope of rescuing her, but by that time she had been carried out to the centre of the river, which was in full spate. There is a dangerous current under the viaduct.

It is unknown what events led up to and caused this young woman either to take her life, or if the river actually swept her away in an terrible accident that day. There are countless stories of drownings around Blantyre on the River Clyde, a reminder again of how dangerous the under currents can be. Picture for illustration only.

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