Causeystones Public House

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 18.29.01The Causeystones Public House was a 19th Century pub on Broompark Road, near the junction with Main Street. The original date of its construction is unknown, but in 1859, it was owned by Mr. A Gardiner of nearby Priestfield. That same year, an account is given as follows, “A name taken from a number of Stepping stones which used to be here on a marshy piece of ground over which the old Eaglesham & Hamilton Toll Road used to pass. The name is a corruption of Causewaystones. It now applies to the Public House adjoining the Check Bar (Toll) House at the western extremity of “Auchinraith” Village. Feued off Lord Blantyre’s property.”

Contrary to what you may have read about this pub. This was a predecessor of Blakelys Bar, in a different location. It was not the same pub as Blakelys. The Causeystones Pub was located a little more down Broompark Road than Blakelys, more towards where the entrance to Swinfen Dentists is today and had different owners. There was nothing much in this district in 1859, a couple of buildings adjacent to it on Broompark Road, one of which was a ruin. The public house looks as though it was single storey on the map (no back steps), and was perhaps thatched at that time, a path leading from the back, out into the field, which is now Kirkton Park. By 1894, this area had undergone massive redevelopment, along Main Street and at Broompark Road. Mr Blackley had also by that time built a new building on the site of the former Toll House, and opened his own pub, we know today still as Blakleys. Looking at old maps of 1898, it seems likely that the Causeystones Public House was also knocked down to make way for the current Blakelys sandstone corner tenement building.

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