1956 Ian Cochran at the Lido

1956 Playing at the Lido. Shared by Ian Cochrane

1956 Playing at the Lido. Shared by Ian Cochran

Ian Cochran has given us permission to show this picture of him playing at the Lido’s little beach, as a wee boy in 1956. In the background is Bothwell Bridge. Ian is the boy on the right.

He added, “Hi. I’m the one on the right of picture but the boy on the left cant remember his name. We lost contact with his family. It was taken in the 50’s out at the lido, Bothwell bridge we used to go there with my older sister”

Can anybody remember playing at the Lido in hot summers?

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  • James Stirling yes i can, we swam in the water aswell till we found out that the pipe we used to walk along and then jump in was full of sewage
  • Tom Kelly Yes we used to try and catch baggies in jam jars
  • Orlando Ancilotti Yes. It was like being abroad!
  • Frank Dowie Spent lots of happy days swimming there in the 50’s. Seemed like a long walk down ‘the Whistleberry’ to get there. Can recall a ‘high’ ledge we used to dive/jump from into the water.
  • Margaret Brown Burns I remember it well . Taking a picnic and being there for hours
  • Mary Summers Remember it well
  • Margaret Hilson Yep loved it there.Saturday afternoon down the Lido with family from Springwell Always got a cone from the ice cream van.A magical time!
  • John Krawczyk My mum & dad stayed in house next to the bridge about then.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery Used to go down there and spend the hole day in the water
  • Jim Brown Aye we used to go down there for baggy minnows and then go over to the bothwell side for plums

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