1929 Construction of The Steel Houses

1939 The Steel Houses Hunthill. PV Family photo.

1939 The Steel Houses Hunthill. PV Family photo.

Back in the 1920’s, some of my family line emigrated from Blantyre to Canada. Moving from Broompark Road, they ended up in New Brunswick. I keep in contact with my mother’s cousin who has been kind enough over the years to write and send me some Blantyre related photos and items.

Perhaps unseen online, is this photo from Isabel, sent to me a few years ago. The date is 1939, before the outbreak of WW2, and pictured is Hunthill Road. The beautiful charming thatched weavers cottage, but this small photo was showing off something different. It was showing off a new house type for Blantyre, which later became known as “the steel houses”. Built in 1929 this photo shows off pristine, relatively new homes at Watson place and Hunthill Road.

The road looks in good condition, a huge improvement on what was there only a few years beforehand. In the background horizon is the spire of High Blantyre Old Parish Church. To the right, where now are modern bungalows, was a tenement building. The vantage point is from the top of Watson Street, looking south up Hunthill Road, from an area of Blantyre formerly known as “Braehead”.

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