Glasgow Road Mid 1960s

1953 Broadway Cinema, Glasgow Road

1963 Broadway Cinema, Glasgow Road

Glasgow Road in the mid 1960s looking east.

The building to the right of the middle of the photo was Agnes Hamiltons, the fruit shop. That little shop has had a long history of owners. After Hamiltons grocers, it was Mauchline Newsagent then Vinces Lombardi’s chip shop then, Mcwilliams grocer shop later to become Gallachers. Just right at the first lampost was the dreaded Mr. Biggins the dentist (whom i try often to forget about from 1970’s dentist visit experiences! He used to lean on your jaw when taking your teeth out. I’ve still got his fillings , they never came out!!). Who can also remember the broadway cinema and Birrells sweetie shop?

On social media, a frenzy of comments:

  • Margaret Macdonald The first canopy was Colins the baker and Birrells the sweet shop just before the Broadway. Mrs Hamiltons fruit shop was the one beside the newsagents remember it well Xxx
  • Robert Stewart McWilliams, Lombardi’s, Mauchline’s, Hamilton’s,and Douglas the fishmonger all there at the same time.
  • Elizabeth Weaver Oh, Mr Biggins…the man responsible for my lifelong phobia. I still shake when I go through the door to my dentist, 60 years on!
  • Nick Rice Alexander McWilliam who was my Great Uncle bought the Grocers shop when he had to retire from the butchery business due to ill health. Arlene McWilliam Green was kind enough to send me the following description. When Sanny had to hang up his butchers apron due to ill health, the grocers shop at the top of Station Road came up for grabs. Sanny told my granny Jean that he would help them set up the shop for her with her two daughters but they were on their own to make it work. So McWilliam’s grocers opened at the top of Station Road at the corner of Glasgow Road. The shop was a huge success and Jean, Betty and Anne ran it for many years until the early 1970s when they sold it. Granny kept the shop open till 8pm on a Saturday night to sell sweets to all the people going to the cinema across the road. While she happily worked away in the shop on a Saturday night she let Anne and Betty away to go to the dancing in Glasgow! They were well known to many people in Blantyre because of the shop.
    • Josie Caserta Was that were my aunt had a caffè shop across the spingwells or it a different street?
    • Arlene McWilliam Green Josie the shop we are talking about is at the corner of station Road across from the Clydesdale Bank x
  • Andy Callaghan This is Glasgow Road as I remember it. Collins rolls were the best in Blantyre. And a fish supper from Vince’s to eat walking home on a really cold frosty night was just brilliant.
  • Geraldine McLaughlin We lived at 11 Station Road and then at 259 Glasgow Road so saw this view on a daily basis. I was often sent round to Mrs Hamilton’s for veg or to Mauchlines for something from the trays . I also remember being evacuated from the house is Station Road when the cinema want on fire. We moved to Glasgow Road when I was about 6 circa 72 but not sure exactly when the fire was .
  • Robert Stewart Disagree with you Andy, Gilbert’s of Stonefield Road sold the best rolls. Agree with you re fish supper😀
  • Doug Tavendale My grandparents lived above Biggins the detist 262 Glasgow Rd always remeber the smell walking up the close.
  • Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Littles best roads,Agnes shop next to mauchlines used to sell pomagrants and cola ice tubs lol x
  • Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Biggins the dentist slapped me,won’t go into wat mother said !!! X
  • Stephen Allan Mauchlines was next to what is now Grahams chippie. It is still a newsagents. Vince Lombardi chip shop later became Double D and is now Grahams if I’m right.
  • Ina Sanders me i remember the dentist and the broadway
  • The Blantyre Project thanks everybody. All duly noted and recorded. Social comments are brilliant at painting a full picture. The comments here alone will keep me busy for weeks!! lol

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