Gas Lamps at the Dandy

Gas Lighting at Dusk

Gas Lighting at Dusk

Robert Stewart recently commented to me, “Did you know that part of the Dandy (the avenue leading from Glasgow Road), starting from the Glasgow Road, had gas lighting installed, I’m not sure how far it extended, but I remember gas lamp posts as far as Thornhill Cottage.”

This made me wonder if it was amongst the last areas in Blantyre to have gas lamps if Robert had recollections of them in the 50s and possibly the 1960s.  Gas was certainly in our town as far back as the 1870’s, even before permanent water! Blantyre Gas Company had premises at Stonefield, where the old Letham’s Garage site would later be. In the 1870’s and 1880’s Mr David Fisher was the Works Manager. The gas contractors were Mr William Hart and Co, based at Hart’s Buildings, nearby at Stonefield. William also had an ironmonger store and was an advertised plumber. Serving High Blantyre was Mr James Hazeals.

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  • Jack Owens Early fifties there were gas lamps in Victoria snd Calder streets.
  • Helen Williams I remember gas lamps Welsh Dr & Maxwell Cres in the fifties, I remember watching from my window when an owl would sit on one of the rungs and hoot
  • Donna Hamilton i can remember gas lamps in Burnbank lived in prefab George St and have a memory of watching a guy lighting them.
  • Irene Scott Smith I can also remember a wee man lighting the gas lamps in Milton St Burnbank in the 50’s. Lovely photo.
  • Margaret Muir I lived in Welsh Drive and remember the gas lights.zthe poles made grest rope swings as well!
  • Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Robert is knowledgeable on most things Blantyre.
  • Susan Brownlie I lived on the corner of Station Road/Farm Road, early Fifties to late Seventies and walked Farm Road to go to school and also to go down the Dandy. We always said that the part off Farm Road to the right was down the dandy and if you turned left it was the Avenue which led to the convent. Never really used that way. Down the dandy was much better. Down, then through the old pit and down into the white woods. I seem to remember having to cross the railway line. My brother took me there once when I was wee when he shouldn’t have and told me not to tell. But then I slipped into a burn….. Kinda hard to explain that. Think he got what for! Love your posts. They bring back such lovely memories

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