Blantyre Road Peril

Glasgow Road, Blantyre Late 1930s.

Glasgow Road, Blantyre Late 1930s.

At New year 1935, within an unfortunate period of just 24 hours, three little Blantyre children separately were involved in motor accidents. The reports were all matter of fact ,even eluding to the children’s carelessness, but given that it was the first few days of the New Year, and the sheer lack of breath tests, it makes me wonder now how many of these incidents were related to drivers partially or fully under the influence. Although i should point out, the newspaper articles don’t mention that.

Three year old William Wildman of 12 Cemetery Road, High Blantyre was playing on the road near High Blantyre Post Office, when he was knocked down by a motor car suffering a fractured thigh. He was taken to the Children’s hospital in Glasgow.

Next a motor lorry belonging to a Blantyre fruit merchant knocked down a five year old girl named McGrory in small Crescent, near her home. Again, a bad thigh injury was sustained. Her condition was serious , so she was taken to Glasgow.

Finally, a more serious accident befell Annie Limerick, the 9 year old daughter of Thomas Limerick of 58 Bairds Rows. Whilst crossing Glasgow Road near the Co-op, she was knocked over by a passing car. She was carried into the nearby chemists and attended to by 2 doctors. She suffered two broken legs and the hospital at Glasgow received its third Blantyre patient in 24 hours.

Pictured in the late 1930’s is Glasgow Road, showing how common it was for children to be out on the street, when there was traffic nearby. This picture serves to show the brand new Glasgow Road, widened with new kerb lines, following the abandonment of the Blantyre – Cambuslang tram. Clifford’s Gazette office is on the left, established in 1935, so the photo is after that date. Finally, the overhead tram standards still remain, dating the picture to the late 1930s. Being of the same era, the photo illustrates the story well.

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