1963 Brian Young at Prefabs

Brian Young has given us permission to share some photos he found of himself between 1963 and 1965. Messaging them over to us earlier today, they were taken at the prefabs at Clyde Crescent (behind St Joseph’s). Photos of prefabs are few and far between, so its really appreciated to see these ones. With so many people living in prefabs in Blantyre, i’m sure this will bring back some memories. The prefabs were just off Farm Road. Brian commented, “Was scared in case the baw went in wee Annie Boudris garden and she never gave it back.She was some wummin.”

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  • Alison Imrie And I’m sure he’s still fit enough to pull off a hand stand these days too !!
  • Tom McGuigan I was at St Josephs when these prefabs were getting demolished. We used to go over at dinner time and play in the empty houses.
  • Michael Mcginley Brings back fond memories of when I stayed in the prefab
  • Michael Mcginley Was that the same Andy that lived in the posh houses?
  • Frances McDonald Was born and brought up in the prefab great memories
  • Carolyn Patterson Wow!!! we were brought up in the prefabs right behind St Josephs school …we lived in number 20 Park lane , many great memories everybody knew each other …..
  • Jean MacKie I was born at 26 Clyde crescent 65yrs ago would love to see more pictures of the prefabs that’s great seeing these ones

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