1973 Charles Harvey the Lollipop man

1973 Charles Harvey Lollipop Man at St Blanes (PV)

1973 Charles Harvey Lollipop Man at St Blanes (PV)

I was recently contacted by the Hamilton Reference Library, who sent me this nice little story.

Five hundred voices sounded a hearty “cheerio” at St. Blanes Primary School on Wednesday 10th October 1973. Pupils and teachers were saying goodbye to Lollipop man Mr. Charles Harvey when he retired after 15 years service. Mr Harvey who as 81 at the time, lived at 68 Camelon Crescent. He had started patrolling Blantyre’s roads in 1957, some 10 years after retiring from Dixon’s Colliery where he had worked as a miner.

He started his career in the pits when he was 12 years old in Greenfield Colliery, Springwell, later moving to work at Loanend Colliery and then Dixon Colliery until it closed in 1947. He served with the Gordon Highlanders in the First world War and was wounded in 1915. He was picked up by the Germans and spent the remainder of the war in a German prison camp.

Mr Harvey commented in 1973, saying he “thought today’s motorists were quite good” but he did admit he had been tempted to hit a couple by clouting them with his lollipop. Mr. Thomas O’Neill the headmaster said, “The children of the school are very fond of him and will be sad to see him go.” Mr Harvey agreed the last 15 years of his, had been the happiest years of his life. He was presented with a cheque of undisclosed sum on the day he retired.

On social media:

  • John Cavanagh I’m in this picture with James Connor I remember this day well we were only talking about this a couple of months ago good memories
  • Helena Kelman I was there too. Miss Barret was my teacher. X
  • Stephen Speirs I was in too! So would my sister Lesley Remember this pic. I Had no idea that Charlie was in WW1 – thanks for sharing!
  • Maggie Tonner McVeigh I was at St.Blanes in the 60`s and if I remember Mr.Harvey patrolled Stonefield Rd.,and I was lucky enough to get an Opel Fruit in the morning from such a friendly always smiling Lollipop Man.
  • Elaine McGuire Veitch im sure thats oor ang( Stacey Mccue) second wee girl in right hand corner ask ur ma stace x
  • Stacey Mccue My mum thinks its u x
  • Elaine McGuire Veitch no its 1973 so she would be bout 7 x
  • Eleanor Rodgers Wemyss I was there ! Loved Mr Harvey, he was great with kids !
  • Kay Gillies I remember him, I found out later he was my grandads friend. X
  • Jim McSorley This is certainly a great story. It brought back memories for sure. Mr Harvey was a gentleman of note. Would love to have sat down as an adult with a beer or two to listen to his life’s storey. His granddaughter jane Harvey was on our class at St Blane’s 1963 1969
  • Jim McSorley His High Blantyre counterpart was Mr Morgan at the same time, era.
  • Emma Jane I called him uncle charlie even though he was my gran’s uncleo
  • Anne Brennan A truly lovely man..I attended St Blanes 1965-72 and he was the lollipop man the whole time..happy days indeed!
  • Anne Marie Thomas He was my gran’s uncle. Lovely wee man
  • Cecilia Bulloch Mr Harvey was a lovely man. Remember him with lots of affection. My mam used to buy him socks and gloves at Christmas.Remember Mr Morgan at the High Blantyre side too.
  • Elizabeth Biswell I walked past him going home from St Joseph ‘s. He was a lovely man and great with everyone. Always a cheery smile and word for all who passed him.
  • Paul Hudson McGowan Such a lovely man! I was only about 8 when he said his cheerio but I can remember being greeted with a smile every day and a cheery word. I must be in that photo somewhere because I can remember that day.

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