1970’s Paint Store, Stonefield

1970s early 70s Paint store, Stonefield Road, (not McCorgarys)

1970s early 70s Paint store, Stonefield Road, later to become The Red Lion.

An amazing picture of the inside of one of Blantyre’s stores. Shared here by Jim Cochrane is the paint store at the bottom of Stonefield Road. The building is known to date from the 1880’s or early 1890s. However, it is not to be confused with McCorgary’s DIY store which was further up. I’ve not found too much about the store, so open this up to readers if they can remember the name of the owner and indeed the shop. Blantyre man Robert Stewart told me, “I’ve now had a closer look at the photo and I’d definitely say it is not McCorgary’s shop. McCorgary’s was a shop and a workshop rolled into one. When standing at the counter you could see into the workshop where Hugh make all sorts of things.”

A little more on nearby McCorgarys. By the time of McGorgary’s DIY store, several separate premises had been opened up to create one large building. The 1898 map shows the building subdivided into several properties.

In the post WW2 years, Hugh McGorgary was the owner of the nearby DIY shop, which eventually in the 1970’s was bought over and became the Red Lion Pub. At this time, standing at the door, to the left was a hairdressers and the pictured paint shop. To the right Black the Bakers and a bookies. When you entered the shop the counter was straight ahead.

Robert Stewart during another conversation once told me, “The old flats above the shop were used for storage by Hugh, a right Aladdin’s cave by all accounts. Hugh was a great woodworker and people from all over Blantyre shopped there. At the time, late fifties sixties and early 70’s, lots of new houses were being built in Blantyre and Hughie’s was the place to go for your DIY supplies. In fashion at the time were pelmets and they were all hand made on the premises. Hugh was also a fantastic artist.”

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  • Isabella Law Wasn’t this charmers emporium which was almost next to Mccorgarys?
  • Ann Crossar Aliceanne MacCorgarry  Anastazia Mac Corgarry – wee bit info here on your dad’s shop. And a great testament to your dad’s workmanship too. X
    • Anastazia Mac Corgarry It is indeed Chalmers. It was later bough over and turned into the unisex hairdressers, Elizabeth and Douglass. Next door was Rodwells Fancy Goods then my dads shop Mac Corgarrys, then Blacks the bakers.
    • Anastazia Mac Corgarry Mac Corgarrys was purchased form the Pettigrew family who lived above the shop. The shop started as an Art Studio, them my dad began making furniture and it expanded into a DIY emporium. The upstairs studio was still thriving back in the 60’s and was also used a a jamming venue for the skiffle band my dad was in. Many musicians met there and jammed at the time, taking regular ‘creative breaks’ to sample the famous ‘Home Brew’ that was made on the premises. I can’t testify to how much work was done but everyone certainly enjoyed themselves……
  • Liz Allan It was Chalmers paint store
  • Arlene Campbell Who is the man behind the counter .. The shop owner or worker
  • Jim Cochrane That name rings a bell chambers .They lived in stonefield place near my gran and grandfather Cochrane and must be how the picture was in her album.
  • Jim Cochrane I think there Daughter was married to a famous boxer who lived in carluke.
  • Jim Cochrane Walter McGowan
  • Anne Lappin It was Chalmers ,their daughter was married to Walter McGowan.

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