1928 Auchentibber Quoiting Team Winners

1928 Auchntibber Quoiting Team Winners. Shared by I Fleming.

1928 Auchntibber Quoiting Team Winners. Shared by I Fleming.

With thanks to Isabel Fleming of East Kilbride for sharing this photo. Pictured is the Auchentibber Quoiting Team who had just won the Scottish Championships that year. A real accomplishment. They are pictured at the Auchentibber Quoiting Green, with the war monument (then only 6 years old or so) at the far right.

The picture looks Northwards and the 10 man strong team are photographed in white shirts, surrounded by local gentlemen and sponsors, including Mr J.B Struthers at the front, (the owner of the green). Isabel’s family had marked some of the names on the back. 2nd row, 2nd from Right = Mr. Hugh Merchie. Top row = Jim and Adam Nodwell and A Baird. 2nd Row = McLeod, Strang, Nimmo. Front Row JB Struthers and J Green (Struthers nephew). The rest of the names are marked with a question mark. Actually though, I don’t agree with one of the labels on the back of this photo. Nimmo, i believe is NOT in the 2nd row, but is sitting at the front bottom left with his arms folded. James Nimmo, being one of their star players, whose story is told in some detail on this website, following my recent research on this individual. Some good detail in this photo. The turnups on the trousers, woollen socks, belts and braces, the shaped quoting hoops, to accommodate hands. It makes me wonder also whatever happened to these silver cups? Quoiting stopped at Aucentibber the following year in 1929.

Thank you to Isabel Fleming for sharing his great family photo and for Alex Rochead taking time to upscale it by scanning at a great resolution. It’s a great piece of successful Blantyre Sports history. A real accolade to the skill of these men.

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  • Margaret Nimmo Lehmann Thanks to Isabel for this photo. I agree with you Paul, that looks like my Grampa in the front row, first on the left.
    • The Blantyre Project Astonishing Margaret. I’m now so immersed in this time period, i’m beginning to be able to name people in old photographs! lol. Actually, I’ve just recognised another Nimmo in this picture. Back row, 2nd from left…..is that not James (Snr) Nimmo who died in 1962? i.e Young James’ father.
    • The Blantyre Project Jane Davies may be able to confirm also.
    • Jane Davies Both of your assumptions confirmed, Paul! You just didnt recognise the younger brother, Sam. Have another look at the photo I sent of my mother, Annie with 3 of her sisters & 1 brother.
  • Jane Davies On visits to my grandparents, James & Jane Nimmo, when I was a child, I remember two of those quoiting hoops sat one on each side of the hearth & they were polished till they shone.
    • The Blantyre Project Amazing Jane. I would have bet if ANYBODY had an original quoiting hoop, for it to be the Nimmo family.

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  1. My name is Richard Strang. My grandfather William Strang gave me his father’s medal from the 1925 team. I’m assuming that Mr Strang is the second in middle row.

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