1957 William Gardner & son, William Lightbody

1957 William Gardner & Son, William Lightbody

1957 William Gardner & Son, William Lightbody

Pictured from left to right in 1957. Blantyre men, William Gardner, William Lightbody Gardner (snr) and William L Gardner son of first left. Each of these men lived in Blantyre.

This looks like a Studio photo. Did you know the Gardner or Lightbody family? Can you tell us more about these men, who look so proud to be in this photo.

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  1. William Gardner (first left) is my grandfather, who I remember very well although he died when I was little. He was austere but kind. William on the right “Willy” is my uncle – I never met him or his family but they emigrated to the USA and I believe he was a test driver for an American car manufacturer. Missing in the photo are two other younger sons, David (my father, a baker) and Archibald “Archie”, both no longer alive. I think there was also a daughter but we were not a very close family and I rarely met them. I never met my great grandfather but I remember my dad telling me that there was a Lightbody connection. I have very fond memories of Blantyre as a child. I am the youngest of David’s five sons – all thankfully still alive. Thank you to whoever posted the photo!

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