1927 Main Street, High Blantyre

1927 Blantyre Main Street

1927 Blantyre Main Street

I really enjoyed seeing these photos. Perhaps as its not far from my own home. Here, in 1927 is High Blantyre Main Street, photographed from Priestfield looking eastwards towards Hamilton. The photo captures such an everyday scene of life in the 1920’s. The hustle and bustle of shoppers, the business activities going on, the style and lack of traffic.

Having this photo in a good resolution, i was able to zoom in on some more interesting points about the picture. The shoppers at the Co-operative building, the small shops and garage on the left hand side, not too distant from the junction at Broompark Road.

The Co-operative buildings on the right still exist, but the three storey block on the far right distance is now demolished and is currently Ladbrokes bookmakers, the butchers, Jinxys Bakers and the chemist.

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  • Moira Todd There was a grocer further down on the other side, & I remember getting barrel butter cut then patted with big wooden paddles into a rectangle shape then wrapped in wax paper. They also cut loose cheese, & dry goods….lentils sugar etc were sold in wee cardboard bags all folded in at the top.! Just not the same now!
    • The Blantyre Project Moira, was the grocers called “taits”? I vaguely remember going to a shop very early 70s, I’m sure was called that name, around Broompark Junction area.
    • Moira Todd No do’t think so. This was in the row of shops just past the road into the cemetery. There were several, but the ones I remember were the grocer, & Mrs Weaver’s which sold baby clothes, wool, thread buttons nylons knitting patterns etc.
      Further down the road, Jim & Jessie Wilson had their shop too which sold everything!! Delivered papers, & knew everyone in High Blantyre!
  • Maisie Whittaker The grocers shop was called Nelsons and the butcher was Hobsons that was in the early sixties
  • Jeanette Turvey I think that might have been my great uncles shop his name was george nelson .
  • Maisie Whittaker george Nelsons was his name I worked there for a couple of years

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