Queen misses out on Prize Bull

2015 Little Callum, bull.

2015 Little Callum, bull.

A light hearted modern story next, with a connection to a Blantyre born man.

The Queen herself was outbid during mid May 2015 on a prize Highland bull named “Callum.” Callum was being sold by Alan Kennedy, 68 who was brought up in Springfield Crescent, Blantyre. Alan has a smallholding in West Ayrshire which he started in 2005 with a fold of seven and two heifers. The Queen’s estate was said to have been “sorely disappointed” at being outbid in their attempt at buying Callum for their Balmoral estate. Alan said, “Once a bull’s in the ring, the highest bidder wins.”

Thanks to Robert Stewart for bringing it to my attention. Alan Kennedy is the cousin of Robert and permission has kindly been obtained to share the story.

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