Looking for Richard Davies relatives

Moira Lees recently contacted me with a letter she had received from an English gentleman named Tom Milner. I suggested to Moira that posting Toms letter here, may prompt a better response.

Lancaster Bomber

Lancaster Bomber

Tom has a passion for history and in particular the RAF years of WW2, spending much of his time researching RAF personnel. For the past year, he has been focused on searching for details of the crew of one particular aircraft and is hoping to make contact with the relatives of one particular Blantyre man.

On 19th October 1944, Lancaster Bomber LM715 departed from RAF Bardney to attack the German town, Nurenberg. Sadly, after bombing the target, on the return journey the aircraft was attacked and crashed near Fruedenstadt, Germany. All seven of the airmen on board were killed.

The Pilot of the bomber was Richard Davies who originated from Blantyre. Tom’s request is quite simple. Are there any Davies families out there in Blantyre or beyond who were related to this man? If we get any response on this page, I can put Tom in contact with you. Thanks.

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