1953 Swinbournes at Priestfield, High Blantyre

1950's Priestfield Co-op Wash houses (PV)

1950’s Priestfield Co-op Wash houses (PV)

I’ve previously posted this photo, but wanted to repost it again, as I have to admit to having the wrong decade previously. Jim Cochrane not only pointed me in the right direction to the 1950’s as opposed to earlier, but Gordon Cook has also confirmed to me that the 1950’s is the decade. Gordon went on to say, “About the photo of the woman behind the Co-op Buildings at High Blantyre. She is Mrs Swinbourne, the former Provost’s wife, and if young Jim Swinbourne is in the pram, the photo is 1953, if it’s his wee sister then the photo is a couple of years later.

I wanted to draw your attention to the road. I’ve marked it with a red arrow. It’s the old right of way used by Dixon’s miners, then by us going to school. In the autumn when the leaves came off the trees the rookeries became visible and there were hundreds of them and they made some noise. This road took you right down to the bridge at Priestfield. By the way, the tractor might have been laid out to pasture, the farmers run their machinery into the ground, I don’t think they did trade ins for tractors.”

I’ve corrected the text on the main photo and re-archived it into the 1950s.

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