Blantyre Telegraph Newspaper Launch

Thursday 11th June 2015, was a big day for The Blantyre Telegraph. The local news website, established in 2011, online at Facebook, expanded in TWO new directions.

1. A brand new website at where all news is communicated away from Facebook, recognising not everybody likes social media. (but also continuing on Facebook in tandem)

2. A brand new monthly newspaper for Blantyre! Entirely non profit making, the full value of its sales go directly to charities and local good causes. Printed in full colour, the newspaper is available from Jinxy’s Bakery, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Blantyre Health centre and Blantyre library, with more outlets planned around the town. Look out for the distinctive red collection boxes. This month’s charity is The Haven. The newspaper is also available from the above website to download, if you can’t make it to the shops.

Its hoped the people of Blantyre will be accustomed to seeing the red collection boxes and monthly editions, held to mid month deadlines. Thank you to advertisers who made getting this newspaper off the ground. More pages will be added, if more advertisers subscribe. All advertising costs go entirely to production of the paper. All sales, to charity. We’re also looking at ways to get the paper delivered each month. Mr Bill O’Neill was the first person to buy a paper copy and Mrs Sandra Hendry, the first person to buy an online edition.

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