2015 Old Parish Gala Day, High Blantyre

X factor contestant and runner up, Nicholas McDonald proved a hit with the young ladies yesterday when he turned up to open High Blantyre Old Parish Gala day. I was along in my Blantyre Project capacity to raise some funds for charity. It was touch and go for a time with the wind and rain threatening the day, but eventually, the sun came out and the fete got busier. Wind did mean having to scale down the activities slightly.

Billy Gallagher, one of the organisers told me “Looks like everybody is enjoying themselves, so all the preparation has been well worth it.”

High Blantyre’s Summer gala Queen, Lauren McCool is pictured with “Heston”, a labrador trained specifically to assist disabled people. There were several excellent stalls, and as always, the hamburger stall proved a particular hit with the crowds. Everybody did very well braving the weather and a fun day was had by all. Photos by Blantyre Telegraph.

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