800 Miners idle at Priory Colliery

Burning mine roadway (not Priory)

Burning mine roadway (not Priory)

A fire at one of the main haulage roadways at Priory Colliery, Blantyre, near Glasgow, which was discovered on Tuesday 1st October 1935, proved more serious than at first supposed. The fire raged for 2 days.

Fifty men with fire extinguishers laboured strenuously fighting the flames, but early on the 3rd October, it was decided to seal the area. This covers about half a-mile of roadway. Eight hundred miners employed at the colliery were idle on 3rd October as the damage was surveyed and repaired.

Picture is for article illustration only and is unrelated to Priory Colliery. It is likely the roadway referred to was an underground roadway.

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