The Bethany Hall, Glasgow Road

2014 Bethany Hall, Glasgow Road Blantyre. By Robert Stewart

2014 Bethany Hall, Glasgow Road Blantyre. By Robert Stewart

Pictured here by Robert Stewart in 2014, is The Bethany Hall in Glasgow Road.

This Church was constructed in Glasgow Road in 1905, the same year as the nearby St Josephs Church. Those two buildings must have changed the face of the street considerably that year. The Church belonged to Blantyre Primitive Methodist Church which at first at held their services in Dixon’s Hall on Stonefield Road. The building located near Joanna Terrace,  has had a bit of chequered history.

It closed during the first World War and lay empty, despite its relatively modern status. It was unused until purchased and opened by Stonefield Independent Co-operative Society in 1925 where it was used for various purposes including a dance hall. It was still owned by the Co-op in 1930, according to the valuation roll of that year. Following that, it was an unemployment exchange around 1931.

The Christian Brethern saved the fate of this building, but putting it back on track as a religious establishment and in 1936 renamed it “The Bethany Hall”, although this should not be confused with the Bethany Mission Hall in High Blantyre. It remained in their hands for 50 years until 16th December 1996,when they sold it to the World of Life Christian Fellowship. It is now used as a private children’s nursery named Cosmic Cherubs and has address 266, Glasgow Road.

It is a building quite often not given its recognition in Blantyre, understated by comparison to the other churches on Glasgow Road.

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  • Liz Boxall As a child I remember one of their preachers used to stand at the bottom of our Cul de sac (Moffat Place ) and sing hymns and spread the gospel .. Oh happy days .. Mind YE all the weans laughed !
  • Catherine Davidson Johnny Graham. He used to preach around the Thornhill area .
  • Moira Hunter went 2 sunday school there ! with half o Wheatland Ave
  • Elizabeth Sneddon We were married in the gospel hall , in 1966,

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  1. I am trying to find Mr John Blaikie who lived in Blantyre Scotland. Most of his siblings migrated to Australia in the 1950’s to 60’s. We think he had a son Andrew a school teacher who live in Scotland. We visited John some years ago and have not heard form him and his number seems to have been changed. Can anyone advsie if they know John.His wife was Eunice Many Thanks

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