Greendales, at Stonefield

1859 Map of Glasgow Road

1859 Map of Glasgow Road

Pictured here in 1859 is a map of Glasgow Road, at its junction with Station Road. You’ll notice just how few buildings there are and Station Road especially vacant, likely no more than a track at the time. This was also at a time, long before any significant tenements were built on Glasgow Road.

At the junction of Station Road and Glasgow Road, where the barbers is today, was the “Blantyre Cotton Works Toll Point”, not to be confused with the Cotton works in the Village belonging to Monteith. This point was used to tax or put a duty on vehicles travelling along this road.

Directly across from it was “The Stonefield Tavern”, where it is today. The little block of buildings immediately next to it, would appear to be called “Greendales”. An advert from the era describes Greendales consisting of “a Store, Dwelling Houses and Ground.” Some of all of these buildings may have been thatched at one point and is now the site of the modern Clydesdale Bank.

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