Blantyre’s New Cemetery

2012 Crematorium Roundabout

2012 Crematorium Roundabout

A significant meeting for Blantyre took place on Tuesday 5th May 2015 where South Lanarkshire Councillors passed a motion for Blantyre’s brand new Cemetery. An agreement was reached to purchase 4.9 acres of land at Sydes Brae above Newhouse, which will accommodate over 1900 new lairs.

Designed for Blantyre’s burial needs for the next 30 years, this proposal will be sited in greenfield space currently directly opposite the current crematorium. It will be accessed from the current roundabout (pictured) and is situated close to the junction of Calderside Road.

The cost of the land is £239,000 but is subject to ground and environmental considerations being finalised. It is thought that the land may have been previously quarried upon. The purchase is therefore conditional upon the land being suitable for burial purposes. The land owner is Alexander Struthers Baird.

Blantyre’s cemetery at Priestfield is becoming full and this action will see our town’s burial needs being taken care of for the next couple of generations.

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  1. Ina Barrie Sanders

    why cant they fix all the head stones due to vandals in the ols cemerty my gran buried there and the rest of my family its shocking to see the state of the cemerty

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