Robertsons Beach find

2015 Robertsons Beach Find

2015 Robertsons Beach Find

Macauley Versey contacted me recently saying, “I was on the beach at North Berwick today and found what appears to be a bottle top or wine stopper with Robertson Blantyre on the top, very good condition and even has a ring of rubber around it. Was wondering if there’s anything you could tell me about it??

The bottle top is from the Robertsons of Springwell water and juice company, once based in Glasgow Road. The factory was established around 1870 and employed many local people.

This particular top is fairly old, as post 1950s, the distinctive modern Robertsons logo was on all their products. The factory is no longer there but was demolished recently enough for many people in Blantyre to have fond memories of working there with colleagues.

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