James Marshall’s restored cart

2014 James Marshall's restored cart

2014 James Marshall’s restored cart

I’ve recently been sent details of a few restoration projects in Blantyre. From Buildings and equipment to changing things back to the way they were. All very exciting and posts for another day, but this particular restoration caught my eye.

Jim Cochrane shared these 2014 photos adding, “My Great Grandfather’s horse cart. (belonging to James Marshall). Now all rebuilt although it’s a bit like “triggers brush” as a lot of the woodwork has been replaced due to age and rot! Some of it is about 100 years old maybe older, but not really sure. He may have had it before they went to Calderside Farm.

The Brass plate was attached to the side. James Marshall Calderside Farm High Blantyre. The other view was the day we got it back from the wheelwright.”

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