1950s Milheugh Falls

1950s Mileheugh Pool. Shared by G Cook

1950s Mileheugh Pool. Shared by G Cook

Gordon Cook emailed me this photo taken in the 1950’s.

Photographed from the Southern side of the River Calder, are the very beautiful Milheugh Falls. A mystery woman is out walking her dog in this Summer scene.

The tree in the foreground isn’t there anymore, long since fallen in due to erosion. Indeed, erosion features quite significantly when comparing this photo to the modern scene. On the Northern riverbank, the grass almost looks like a little beach there and the river is cascading down a slightly different route over the falls from today.

Had the photographer turned slightly to the left, you would have also seen the magnificent Milheugh House, but it may have been missed deliberately from this lovely scene, as by the late 1950s the house was already falling into disrepair.

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