Runaway Hutches injure miners

Bardykes Colliery around 1940

Bardykes Colliery around 1940

Six men had narrow escapes from serious injury on Tuesday 8th September 1936 in Bardykes Colliery Blantyre, when they were caught by a race of loaded runaway hutches on the main hutch road.

Three escaped by entering a manhole but the others were caught when attempting to enter another manhole. The injured men were John Martin 157 Stonefield Road, Blantyre; his son and Samuel Trueman, 51 Glasgow Road, Blantyre. Mr Martin was removed to Glasgow Royal Infirmary suffering from a fractured right leg. and the other two men, who sustained facial and body bruises, were taken to their homes.

Pictured just a few years later is Bardykes Colliery.

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