2014 Crossbasket Castle update

2014 Dec New doors and panelling at the arched doorways, Crossbasket Castle (PV)

2014 Dec New doors and panelling at the arched doorways, Crossbasket Castle (PV)

As you may be aware Blantyre Project has been following the ongoing and extensive renovation of Crossbasket House (now known as Crossbasket Castle).

The building has been going through an amazing transformation these last 2 years or so with owners Steve Timoney and wife Alison saving this property from dereliction. The 16th Century tower at Crossbasket is one of Blantyre’s oldest buildings and an incredible amount of time and effort has gone into restoring that, and the extensive 19th Century Victorian addition to the building. Actually, to say they have ‘restored things’ does  a disservice. This suggests its back to what it looked like, when in fact, Steve and Alison have set out and achieved making it far BETTER and grander, fit for their plans for this new, 5 star wedding venue.

When I visited in December 2014, the renovation had taken another monumental leap forward.  Beautiful wood panelling and doors had been installed, and the whole building was toasty, the heating obviously installed. Painterswork was ongoing with bedrooms in beautiful colours starting to be painted and the full electrical installation was looking advanced with attention being given to fittings.

An electrical lift has also been installed considering access for the wedding guests with a lot of attention to ensure floors are level with good access for the infirm or disabled. The upscaling of the renovation was apparent everywhere. From plain cupboard doors receiving a makeover to look as old as the house itself, to the ornate craftsmanship being laid into the ceilings in almost every room, removing plain ceilings and turning them into crafted, and beautiful works of art. As a construction manager, i have to say the standard of finishes is exceptionally high.

I’m incredibly excited for what this will soon mean for Blantyre. The building WILL be Blantyre’s grandest and most beautiful building, by far. It will attract people from distant places and every part of the building, from its decor to the intended five star service from staff, everything will ooze quality, attention to detail and luxury. I’ve been privileged to be able to follow the construction and renovation works for this last year, something I’m grateful of, as I have recently been writing an account of Crossbasket’s history in some detail. The renovation is nearing completion with painting and carpets going down. Soon, to be furnished. All being well and with permission, I hope to be bringing you some final pictures of Crossbasket ahead of its official opening.

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