1937 Alleged Letterick Cattle Theft

2014 Roots growing through Letterick Ruins

2014 Roots growing through Letterick Ruins

“Andrew Wallace, farmer, West Bosfield Farm, East Kilbride, appeared at Hamilton J.P. Court in September 1937 in connection with the alleged theft of two heifers. Wallace was remanded by the Court on Saturday charged with having on September 23rd, from a field on Lettrickhill Farm, High Blantyre, occupied by Mrs Boyd, stolen two black polled heifers.  The fiscal, Mr D. W. Hiddleston, said that other charges were being laid against Wallace. Poultry and sheep are among animals alleged to have been stolen. Wallace was remitted to the Sheriff Court.”

At first I thought this may have been a land dispute, but the allegation is quite firm and it would appear a number of animals and poultry were going missing. The newspaper report did not follow up on the outcome. Pictured are the nearby ruins at Mid Letterick, which I photographed in Autumn 2014. Roots are now growing through some of the outbuildings, like this stone walled building next to the abandoned cattle shed.


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  1. Thanks. I’ve clarified the picture to show it as Mid Letterick Farm. I just used that picture of the nearby location, but you’re right it could have been taken as misleading. Updated now.

  2. I think you may have farms mixed up Letterickhills farm formally owned by the Boyds is still a working farm and not a ruin, it is near to Nerston opposite to Crookedshields farm.

    The farm that is a ruin the other side of the old railway from Greenhall is Mid Lettrick farm.

    Regards Stanley Paul


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