2001 Craighead Retreat Fire

2001 Craighead Retreat aftermath of fire

2001 Craighead Retreat aftermath of fire

The property called “Craighead Retreat” owned by the Jesuit Fathers was struck by fire at around 9pm on Sunday 18th February 2001. Craighead Retreat sat just off Whistleberry Road.

In the days that followed, police immediately launched an enquiry into what had caused the fire, tipped by firemen that something was not quite right. By the time they had arrived, the ground floor, first floor and roof were ablaze in a fierce fire, which had firmly taken hold. It took them 3 hours to bring the blaze under control.

The building had been left empty for three previous years, although a security company made daily patrols to check everything was ok. The patrol on that day confirmed everything was normal. Police later found out that the front door of the building had been forced open and the fire had definitely started in suspicious circumstances.

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