Blantyre Project gift to Kirkview Care

22 prints delivered to Kirkview

22 prints delivered to Kirkview

In December 2014, I was approached by the staff at Kirkview Care, the sheltered housing complex at the corner of Main Street and Hunthill Road. They were decorating the reception area of the building and wondered if I could assist with some history to make the entrance area more interesting.

So, it was with great pleasure that on Sunday 8th February 2015, I delivered 22 prints, scanned to a decent resolution. Mostly scanned from postcards, there were a few family photos in there too. My gift also included mounting and professionally framing each of them, in a fashion sympathetic to the reception area woodwork. I hope the elderly residents and visitors alike, find the prints appealing and interesting. Sister Jenny, one of the staff members, graciously accepted the collection with thanks and commented that as there were so many, some of the prints would line the corridors too. Knowing the collection will be viewed by many people, some of whom may actually remember some of the locations, left me with a smile.

A similar collection is being prepared for another venue in Blantyre, but more on that another day.

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