1978 East Kilbride Expressway

1978 Expressway section opens in High Blantyre

1978 Expressway section opens in High Blantyre

In October 1978, the Crossbasket to Auchinraith stretch of the East Kilbride A725 Expressway opened to the public. Pictured here in this aerial photo sent in by Robert Brownlie, is that High Blantyre stretch of new road.

What I noticed is that there were no slip roads at High Blantyre on to Douglas Street and of course the shiny, new Jerusalem houses looking very white at just 6 or 7 years old.

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Trisha Mcginty I can remember this Expressway being built, because my wee puppy was buried under it, it got hit by a car, & I use this road a lot & always remember my wee puppy. Then 1 winter the Expressway came 2 a complete Holt by the Bad Snow, the road was closed See More

Gary Doonin I think the slip roads on to Douglas st and Big H never got put in until 94 95. I don’t know if these slip roads were put in to service the future Hamilton Technolgy Park.

Geordie McClenaghan The Lorry got stuck at the bottom of Douglas st, wonder how it opened, even the police were loading there car with stuff out off it ,
Think the new slip roads opened about 94/95

Andrew Smellie I know it ruined 3 of our best fields!!

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