1905 Crossbasket House by David Ritchie

1905 Crossbasket House. Photo by David Ritchie

1905 Crossbasket House. Photographed by David Ritchie

I’m pleased to be able to share with you all, a previously unseen and unpublished photo of Crossbasket House, near Stoneymeadow. Photographed around 1905 by High Blantyre photographer David Ritchie, the house looks in remarkable condition. The gardens are well kept, lawns edged and gravel driveway sweeps into the door and coach turning circle.

Notably, before the front garden was landscaped, the tennis courts were located at the front. By the 1930’s, the front garden was landscaped and the tennis courts moved to the field just outside the right hand side of this photo.

Blantyre man, David Ritchie of Main Street was an early photographer. Alex Bowie is his great, great grandson. Alex and I are distantly related and it is with best wishes and thanks to him that this photo arrived with me recently. Alex is my 3rd cousin once removed. I would never be able to work this out without online help, but according to Ancestry.co.uk this makes, David Ritchie my Second Great, Grand Uncle who once lived not 100 yards down the road from my own home on the same side of the street!



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  1. there was a field which I suppose is where the express way is now and I know it had a name of one of the Ladies who stayed in Crossbasket House my dad did tell me the name but I have forgot it do you know the name of it

    1. Hi Eleanor – The field opposite was (and still is) called “The Lady Nancy”. I have researched this name and found no mention of it in history before 1930. However, when Crossbasket owner Thomas Dunlop Findlay inherited his family castle in 1930, he gave up Crossbasket. For one year though, whilst he was moving and attending to things, his wife stayed on at Crossbasket. Thomas inherited title too, becoming Laird of Bortruich and his wife became “Lady Nancy”. I’m sure this must be the source of the name. Hope this helps. Paul

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