1977 The Livingstonian Pub

1977 Livingstonian Pub shared by Archie Simm

1977 Livingstonian Pub shared by Archie Simm

Archie Simm sent me a great photo this week, of the Livingstonian Pub, photographed in 1977, shortly before it was demolished.

Archie told me, “There was an illegal bookie’s operation behind it…..two of my uncles were involved! Every pub/club had it’s characters and players. 

At one time it was difficult to walk more than a couple of hundred yards without finding a pub! The first coming from Burnbank was the Auchinraith, immediately after Rosendale. It was across the road from Herbertson Street on the north side of Glasgow Road. It’s sister pub OF THE SAME NAME, was on the same side of the road not far from Logan street, but again I’d need an old Blantyre map at hand. It was known as “the Boattom Shoap”. The bookie’s was not run from the pub, but the pub clientelle were most certainly punters with my uncles in the pen close behind the pub.”

The Livingstonian Pub was situated at the top of Forrest Street, near the junction with Glasgow Road. It was demolished along with the other buildings there at the time of the late 1970’s upgrading of Glasgow Road. I have to say, the old boy in Archie’s picture with the cart would probably have had to push on to the next pub, given the condition of the Livingstonian at that time! Archie also set me a challenge to list all the pubs in Blantyre with a detailed history of each. This is something underway and growing daily with a list of OVER 50 Blantyre pubs already…. but for the moment, for another day.

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