Robertsons Ginger cart

1930s Robertsons ginger cartHere’s a photo of Robertsons ‘ginger cart”. Likely taken in the 1930s, the location is unknown. Robertsons factory was based from Glasgow Road with deliveries all over the area, not just in Blantyre.

Who can forget the deposit you got back when returning bottles.

What was your favourite ginger? Pictured also is a newspaper clip my mother kept and now passed to me.

Robertsons pictured mid 50s

Robertsons pictured mid 50s

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Davy Thomson I stayed straight across the road from robertsons, was great for local employment, and my cousin was the manager in the late 80″s

Robert McLeod-Wolohan i worked at robertsons late 60s and early 70s loved my job there i was a fork lift driver.

Priory Inn Auld Scotch

Jack Owens Creaming soda.

The Blantyre Project with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it! Thats a defining moment of my childhood.

Ina Sanders ginger beer

Helen Grieve The best ginger beer.

Pauline Collins Cola Mmm

Ellen Fagan Red cola, orange, lime with ice cream.

Linda Ritchie Red cola

Robert Sharkey Spring cold cola

Alex Forrest Remember working there when I left school aged 15

Elaine Anderson Spring cola Linda Ritchie  Barrs make “red” cola!!! Xx

Margaret Mary OSullivan My Dad used to make us the most amazing American Cream Soda ice drinks!

Andrew Hill All good

Lainey McGuckin Spring cola

Alex Young I worked there from 1975 till Dunns took it over

Mary Boyle Robertson’s Lemonade

Stephen Allan Does anyone know when Robertson’s was demolished and also when Dunns was built in its place?

The Blantyre Project Stephen Allan i was buying from Dunnes in 2001, and i remember feeling it was relatively new then, but i think it may have been mid to late 90s.

Michael Hutchison The piggy bank  Colin Laird David Lindsay 

Carol King It was a rite of passage to climb over the fence and get some ginger !

The Blantyre Project changed days indeed!

Michael Hutchison And get captured mum  Carol King

Helen Ward Gartlan Omg just loved spring cola x

Margaret McGregor Ginger Beer was my favourite

Carol King Michael who was it that tripped and got caught?

Michael Hutchison Oor joe lol x

Josie Caserta We lived across the road too we had the caffè shop that then became a grocery shop great memories xx
Stevie Park Apple crush

Gary Moore Auld Scotch Five Star Ginger Beer and Orange

John Forrest Alex your showing your age now. Having saying that I do remember that as you where a noisy bastert in the morning.

Susan Lindner Paul, have you seen Gordon Cooks old Robertsons ginger bottles? They are fab.

The Blantyre Project I have Susan. Gordon has some amazing things in his collection of Blantyre memorabilia. I can only dream of such things.…/robertsons…/ (wife may divorce me soon if i bring any more of Blantyre back into my home!)

Blantyre man Gordon Cook has a very interesting hobby (amongst others). His wonderful…
Marion Coulter Smith Spring cola!

Peter Murray First job when I left school 77 great memories 

Philip Pohler 5 star cola for me


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  1. Best time of my life. I miss them all,

  2. Iv been told that the photo of the horse and cart is at Garrion bridge if anyone was wondering !!! this photo was also in the office .

  3. Worked there as a van boy then a driver 1983 to 94 my Auld man was a gaffer & my bro, was a van boy brilliant bunch of guys to work with what a laugh …the ginger was much better then than it is now !!!

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