1905 – 1910 Bardykes Road, Barnhill

1905-1910 Barnhill, Blantyre

1905-1910 Barnhill, Blantyre

This colourised picture of Bardykes Road at Barnhill dates from between 1905 – 1910.

I don’t think I have seen this particular photo before (although there are several very similar). A horse and cart sits outside Barnhill Farm, with a wee boy sitting on the back. Two wee girls, not much older than toddlers wander at the top of the Pech Brae. The Barnhill Tavern (Hoolets) on the right hand side and tenements on the left, now long since gone. I can only imagine how steep those back gardens must have been on the Calder Braes.

Thanks to Alex Rochead for sharing this photo.

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