1948 Betty Weaver picking rhubarb

1948 Betty Weaver & her grandpa

1948 Betty Weaver & her grandpa

Betty Weaver (nee Scott), formerly of Victoria Street shared a treasured photo of her as a baby along with her grandpa around 1948.

She told me, “here I’m helping Grandpa Scott to cut the rhubarb so we could have ‘rhubarb and sugar’ to eat – the rhubarb was washed and cut into a small stalk and dipped into a poke of sugar…oh, our poor teeth! In the background is our Uncle Frank Scott, emptying the ashes on to the garden to help the soil. Morris Crescent in background. Grandpa in his galluses…when he went out, they were covered by a waistcoat and suit jacket.”

The post WW2 years were an ideal time to continue the mindset of sustainability and growing your own food. People were already conditioned to grow their own food, through the hardships of wartime. I can fully respect the amount of hard work this took. In the 1970’s my own grandparents had rhubarb in the garden and as a child, and if I recall, peapods, gooseberries, strawberries, carrots and turnips, all in the back garden.

I’m sure anybody with a garden will agree home grown veg always tastes better than from supermarkets.

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