Blantyre Project 2nd Book Update

Book comparisonAbout time I provided an update on the progress of my Second Book, “The Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Volume 2”

The initial drafts are back from the publishers with very little to do (thankfully). All written permissions have now been obtained and lodged. The print resolution has been upgraded, and particular care and attention has gone into ensuring the 131 new photos are of print quality resolution. I’ve compiled some stats on the second book, which shows its going to be 37% thicker. With over 91,000 words this time instead of 58,000 and at 232 pages, instead of 169. With the font size smaller this time round, it is absolutely PACKED with stories and photos, some of which have not been seen on any website. I’m super excited to announce that with financial gain, not being a driver, I’ve been able to do this by holding the SAME PRICE of the first book. Of course 40% of profits from the book are also going to the Haven charity.

For avoidance of doubt, the 2nd Book is NOT yet available to buy on or offline.

This book represents a labour of love, more so than the first one. It has taken every waking moment of my spare time and written largely whilst I’ve been away from Blantyre working. Over 50 individuals have been recognised in the “thank yous”, some more frequently than others. I’m thrilled to announce that “Blantyre Project – A Journey in Time Vol 2” will be officially launched in November 2014 (exact date TBC) with a small local book launch event. (and just in time for Christmas!). Here are the statistics.


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  1. Need info so that I can order as soon as ready to be sent to US

  2. I will be ordering about 10 copies of the book, to give out as Christmas presents, to my Dolan kin. Can’t wait to read the whole volume.

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