1929 David Livingstone Memorial Postcard

1930 david Livingstone memorialDavid Livingstone Centre. Not sure i’ve seen this particular photo before. The generosity of some people! This old postcard in an envelope arrived at my front door from Sandra Leggate to add to the collection. Sandra wrote “Paul, Here’s an old postcard of Shuttle Row, The Village. Unused. I think it’s after the centre opened as it’s renovated. Perhaps 1940s? I would like you to have this. I have no need for it but maybe you can share it with your readers.”

I wanted to date this more accurately, the picture is after 1928 when the wall was constructed and the washhouse is demolished. Although the postcard spells Livingstone wrongly, critically it is titled “memorial” so it dates certainly from the time of renovation in 1928 or even after that. However, there is no world fountain in the foreground. Knowing the fountain was sculpted for the memorial opening on 5th October 1929 and knowing the construction work happened late in 1928 AND finally seeing the greenery of the trees, I came to the eventual conclusion that this picture can accurately be dated to Summer 1929. (just BEFORE the opening) and will be archiving it as such.

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