1925 Jenny and Mary Danskin

1929 Jenny and Mary Danskin at Broompark Rd

1929 Jenny and Mary Danskin at Broompark Rd

Photo on the left is from 1929 my great aunt Jenny Danskin outside the back of the drapers shop at the corner of Stonefield Crescent and Broompark Road. On the right in 1925 is Mary Danskin (later Mary Duncan) my gran. The location on the right in unknown.

Both girls were part of the Danskin family of drapers and tailors. During the 1930s when my grandmother married John Duncan, they moved to Stonefield Crescent, High Blantyre which was the family home I was brought up at.

Born in 1907, Mary passed away in 1997. I hope I have inherited those good genes.

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