John Bowie & Janet Shaw

Janet Shaw died 1907 and John Bowie 1917

Janet Shaw died 1907 and John Bowie 1917

I was looking through my family trunk of Blantyre memories handed down over various generations and found this.

It’s the funeral service booklets for my great, great grandmother Janet Shaw who died in 1907 and also for my great, great grandfather John Bowie, who died 10 years later in 1917. Both of them passed away in Greenburn Cottage,  Broompark Road. It would appear our family have not strayed far from Stonefield Crescent, Broompark and High Blantyre in several generations.

Greenburn Cottage is the house just one up from Collins’s Newsagents.

Janet Shaw and John Bowie are buried in High Blantyre Cemetery. They had 2 girls Isabella and Margaret. Isabella eventually moved to Canada and i’m still in contact with our distant 2nd cousins over there. Margaret stayed in Blantyre and moved further up Broompark Road to Enterkin.

Whilst at the cemetery, i placed a little Canada flag next to a Scottish flag, just as a nod, that whilst i’m researching into Blantyre’s history, their names and memories came up. Who knows, maybe my great grandchildren will do the same for me in 150 years time!?

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