Ten Families Homeless in 1940

fireOn Wednesday 31st January 1940, ten families were rendered homeless when a catastrophic fire ripped through Henderson’s Buildings. Glasgow Road. Blantyre. It originated the centre of the two storey tenement building of shops and flats, and the flames quickly spread to adjoining premises. After some hours the fire was under control just before midnight. However, ten families lost everything. Six of the homeless families were accommodated the Blantyre Miners’ Welfare Institute and the other four families were given shelter by friends, likely having to start all over again.

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post Thursday 1st February 1940

There is a slightly conflicting report in another newspaper that names the buildings as “Anderson’s Building”. That report stated, “Ten families in all were made homeless by fire at Anderson’s Buildings, Blantyre, last night. Among them was a man and his wife who were invalids, and also a son of one of the tenants who is suffering from paralysis. These three had to be carried to safety. The families left homeless were accommodated by neighbours’ homes. “

I do believe this to be Henderson’s Buildings, (as I’ve never heard of Andersons buildings in Glasgow Road). Henderson’s Buildings were located between Herbertson street and Rosendale, on the Southern side of Glasgow Road and notably had Kellys pub at the corner. The building wasn’t lost entirely and must have been renovated for use again following the fire. Sadly, i have read many storied about people in Blantyre being made homeless due to fires over the centuries.

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